Future Work Programme

Published 09/07/2021   |   Last Updated 17/11/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Meeting Date

Issues under consideration


25 November 2021

Annual Review of the Determination - proposals for consultation;

Board mandated policies - key points/principles, office and employment policies;

Security provisions - update and review;

Board Strategy for 2021-2026 - consideration of final draft

27 January 2022

Update on Covid-19;

Health and Safety provisions of the Determination;

Flexible/Home Working Policy

9 March 2022

Annual Review of the Determination - consideration of consultation responses and draft Determination

26 May 2022


7 July 2022

Annual Report

*Consultation on the Annual Review of the Determination

**March 2022 – Publication of Determination for 2022-23

The Board will aim to give an indication of a year’s meeting cycle. It is possible that the Board may need to change its programme from time to time and the Board may need to meet at more regular intervals if required.

The Board considers and agrees its work programme at every meeting, any changes to the programme will be published as soon as possible and notification of any changes can be found in update letters following Board meetings.