Note of meeting – 22 November 2018

Published 03/12/2018   |   Last Updated 09/08/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Remuneration Board met on 22 November. The following is a summary of its discussions and decisions.

Review of the Determination for the Sixth Assembly

The Board undertook its first consideration of the issues which fall under part one of its review, which focuses on the Residential Accommodation Expenditure, Members’ travel and the Office Costs chapters of the Determination. The Board will further consider these issues at its next meeting in January. As noted on the Board’s website and in its letter to you, it is anticipated that the Board will consult on any changes it is proposing to these chapters of the Determination in the Spring term.

Assembly Members’ Pension Scheme

The Board considered the process for undertaking the cost cap valuation of the Assembly Members’ Pension Scheme. The Board agreed to monitor the situation and write Members again in due course with further information once the formal valuation has been confirmed.

Other matters

The Board met with Members and support staff to discuss the proposed changes to the funding arrangements for Members to employ family members as part of its review of staffing support for Members. The Board would like to thank those who have engaged with the consultation process to date and remind everyone the closing date for the consultation is Thursday 13 December.

You may wish to be aware that in light of the work undertaken as part of the Board’s review of staffing support for Members a revised Determination, accounting for all the changes which have come into effect since 1 October 2018, has been published.

The Board also wish to acknowledge John Chick’s service in the Assembly Commission over the past decade. The Board is very grateful for his advice over the years and we know that his leadership of the Members’ Business Support Team is valued by both Members and staff. We wish him well on his future endeavours.